The PICS page hasn’t been updated in a while, I’m not a huge fan of “DJ pics” and as great as it is to be there, feeling the music, feeling the rush of the crowd…..all the pics look exactly the same. Let’s be real with each other! I love to DJ and put on a great show because I’m an entertainer, but that doesn’t really translate to the medium of photography. What you end up with is a bunch of awkward poses in mid motion, with even more awkward lighting combinations of lasers, strobes, and flash photo bulbs, coupled with slow shutter trail effects and a bunch of really sweaty and equally awkward kids, dancing awkwardly in a drunk and drugged-out sea of “hands in the air!”. I’ve been rallying for years to try and create a new atmosphere for DJs so that every show doesn’t look like this, and often times try to do something during my set that completely changes the look/mood of what’s currently happening. I’m more of a dark room, red light, blunt smoke and old-beer-smell kinda guy. Anyway, enjoy the pics! 😉

The Goat!

…Damn! We’re gonna miss the boat regatta!

[UPDATE JUNE 2014] Sorry for not posting any new pics for like 2 years. I was busy making some toast. It was really good! Above this post are new pics!!!

Holy shit, Chicago! Thank you SO MUCH for all the LOVE and support!
@North Coast Music Festival 2012 Chicago, IL

Chicago goes LOCO for SOLO!!

…Hot Cheetos and Takis! Snack..Snack..Snack…MUNCH!!

DJ SOLO…it’s kinda like this.

Facebook Homies at my silent Disco set. [Like]

Silent Disco – 2 DJs at once. The people with a “blue” light on their headphones are listening to me.

You are now plugged directly into my brain.

Bustin raps I wrote a few days ago on my cell phone!
“Trap star feelin’, Black Darjeeling,
I’m dancing on the ceilin’, Lionel Ritchie wax wheelin’.”

Chicago Predator shirt by SLH Designs!

Steven Luros Holliday of SLH Designs

DJ SOLO shirt spotting!

My philosophy and my lucky number 43. Coincidence?

Smart Bar, Chicago, IL

SOLO & KABZ, Smart Bar. I can’t help it, I see a camera and I go all “Beastie Boys Video”!

My logo, as seen on the side of an alien spacecraft (History Channel)

Peoria Riverfront – vibrations of the Universe! 06/22/12

Chalice Dubs Masquerade

An ancient book of Universal Science and Alchemy I’ve had since I was about 7.

Summer Camp Festival – Vibe Tent

Singing my original acoustic song “Outlaw’s Son”…..^^^


My fans are AWESOME! Thanks for the support everyone!

Summer Camp 2012

DJ SOLO Custom Arcade Midi Controllers!

Chalice Dubs Masquerade “Alice in Wonderland” video DJ Set 01/28/12
Opening for FIGURE

DOWNLOAD: DJ SOLO’s Alice in Wonderland <---click me

A moment captured in time that illustrates the signs that are all around us if we know where to look. My “Life Marker” is the number 43 which has great significance to me. I follow it like the White Rabbit, and coincidentally on a night with a Cheshire Cat moon, I did an Alice in Wonderland video set and there was my White Rabbit, number 43!

Tambourine slappin in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!! 11/12/11

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Womp The Dragon Carbondale, IL 11/11/11 Opening the vortex! :)

Chalice Dubs Masquerade, Peoria, IL

Backstage shower
Opening for Bassnectar @U.S. Cellular Coliseum Peoria, IL 10/1/11

SUMMER CAMP 2011!!!!! Chillicothe, IL

Chalice Dubs Masquerade in the 312 Vibe Tent

Face-Melting guitar SOLO!!

Special Guest SKRILLEX dropped by! (he knows where the livest crowd’s at!!)

This fan saw half his dream show that night! Bigup for the support Phil.

Babylon System

Here’s Babylon System again, plotting a sinister prank in back of me. (By that I mean making it rain 20s on me while I played guitar. Please tell me y’all filmed that!!)

There was a known report of RAIN in the Pos Vibes region though. ^^^

Our “MC” Britche$ went with a costume of his own creation…”Drunk Guy with Afro and Fairy Wings”.

Kabz using the SOLO-01 Controller LIVE!

7am…Sleep is for pussies!!!

It’s official. I’m a dirty fuckin hippie.

BASS Camp.

Time to wake up!!

A punk-rock-drum-n-bass tribute to the Grateful Dead (China Cat/I Know You Rider)

Bigup to all these kids who came out to rage with DJ SOLO at Summer Camp!!!

Positive Vibr8ions

^^^^^ Labeled Pics By: Mark Spomer ^^^^^

WAKARUSA 2011 Ozark, Arkansas

(Pos Vibes, Allie, SOLO, *Flowa Child taking pic)

Guerilla marketing!

Positive Vibr8ions

The infamous “Stolen Jaik Willis Painting”

It’s all about 4 Things:

1) Turntablism

2) Controllerism

3) Punk f@#%in’ Rock

and 4) Guaranteed Face Melting!

Flowa Child

Positive Vibr8ions

White Rabbit gettin some crowd time!




Chalice Dubs Masquerade – Urbana, IL

I came here to WOMP HARD and chew bubblegum
…and I’m all outta bubblegum!!!

Positive Vibr8ions (Chalice Dubs)

Flowa Child (Chalice Dubs)

…who da punk rawk-est?!!

Uh-Oh! Close your eyes, kids!!


WOMP! The Dragon 2 @The Copper Dragon Carbondale, IL
Photos: Boom! Headshot Photography & ThetastypoptarT

The SOLO-01 Controller prototype in action!

I <3 Candy Kids!!


Autographed posters for the fans!

Memorial Hall Kansan City, KS

Babylon System

Live Art by Nick Fozzy

@Red 7 St. Louis, MO

SOLO-01 Controller and Mini Monitor setup!

Positive Vibr8ions


WOMP! The Dragon @ Copper Dragon Carbondale, IL

Philanthwompy Charity Event (a lil blurry…but outta control!!)
Canopy Club Urbana, IL

NYE!!! Pre-Party!!

Enlist NOW!!!

NYE After Party – SOLO on the cut, Kabz…uh…I don’t know what.

Substr8 takin over fader duties while I scream!!!

NYE Secret Loft After-Party 3-6am!!!

Kabz, Tha Doc, and SOLO

First LIVE beta test on my Concept Controller!! Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN

SOLO holding down the mic during Kabz set!

People literally oozing up onto the stage somehow.

1/2 of Broken Note

Positive Vibr8tions

Harsh Pro

White Rabbit

Broken Note, Kabz, Pos Vibes, White Rabbit Canopy Club – Urbana, IL


The homie Spankalicious rippin it on 2 hrs of sleep!

SPL, SOLO, and Spankalicious Colombia, MO


1/2 of NERO, BRC, and Ruckus (aka Charlie Bro)


Hemstreet of the Wolf Pack

Nameloc and The Car Thief of the Wolf Pack

“Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” style seating!!! (Google that shit!)


Nero, SOLO, Nameloc, & Wolfpack @ Subterranean, Chicago [Sold Out]


Nameloc and Vaski at SmartBar, Chicago

DJ Kurt Cobain (droppin my exclusive Nirvana Drumstep Remix!!!)

Nameloc givin it to em heavy.

AMS, Plastician, and White Rabbit. Coincidence??

Wompstars!! (and Nameloc’s laptop w/Lucky Lucy Sticker!!)

Pygmallion Festival – Red Bull Stage @ Highdive Urbana, IL

Chalice Dubs in FULL EFFECT! Cut Chemist Afterparty
(top to bottom) SOLO, Belly, Kabz, Positive Vibrations (Castro, Breezy & Harsh Pro)

SOLO & Widdler @ Smartbar
(above) Widdler running the soundboard while DJ SOLO raps, The Car Thief checks his Facebook, and some girl’s straight up Gittin It!

Geisha Lounge, Chicago 8/21/10 Photos By: Vladimir Zaytsev

DJ SOLO as Jim Morrison …”how many of you people know you’re ALIVE?!!”

Uncle Ruckus & Bandon Gittin It! ((BASS FACE!!!))

SOLO Gittin It! ((BASS FACE!!!))

Ruckus @ North Coast Fest, Chicago with SOLO on the mic!!

Cockta! The unofficial drink of the DJ SOLO summer tour.

Hip-Hop set @ Canopy, night before 6Blocc (below) 8/25/10

6Blocc & Positive Vibrations @ Canopy – Champaign/Urbana IL 8/26/10
Chalice Dubs…That’s what’s up!!! Photos By: Patrick Brady

6Blocc After Party til 7am with SOLO & Kabz!!

Phaded / Jorge / Tom “Hellfire Machina” / SOLO (loosin my mind)
Jorge Perez B-Day Fiesta @2720 – St. Louis, MO
Photos By: Dani Roland

Still from Adil Omar – Incredible (prod. by DJ SOLO) music video



Blacklight Basement Afterparty! Champaign/Urbana, IL
Photos By: Mark Spomer

Surprise set @ Radio Maria – Champaign, IL

Schwagstock 44 @ Camp Zoe – Salem, MO 07/23-24/10
Photos By: Ben Button Arndt

Dubstep Massacre @ Cowboy Monkey, Champaign IL 06/26/10

Dubstep Massacre Basement After Party!!!


PARTY GLASSES! Solo, Sarah, Brizzy – Champaign, Illinois

Solo & Kayla @ Metro, Chicago

JUXTAPOZ @ The Melody Inn, Indiana 06/22/10

“Cockta” The official drink of the DJ SOLO Midwest Summer Tour!

SOLO, Whoa-B, & Kabz @ Cafe Lura, Chicago

SOLO, Hoodnasty, & FSTZ @ Red 7 – St. Louis, MO

Fresh Kid crew interview for Childproof Creativity (Nameloc, Phaded, DJ SOLO)
Photo by: Steven Holliday

Photo By: Steven Holliday

Photo By: Steven Holliday

Photo By: Steven Holliday

Photo By: Max Ehrlich

Portage Theater – Chicago 03/06/10

Portage Theater – Chicago 03/06/10 – Photos By: Lucky Lucy

Lucky Lucy “Dubstep” sticker bomb!

(click to enlarge)

4am “Secret Set” @ Kinetic Playground – Chicago 02/06/10
Photos By:

DJ SOLO visits the Apple Store.

I move weight, son!

Winter ninja!! NYE @ Ian’s Party Elgin, IL

It’s not nitrous, it’s one of those punching baloons with the rubberband.

Big Tiny tattoo’s “SOLO” …as seen on Brown!

Solo, Erndog, Mr. Choc, & Mixmaster Mike @ West Wing Radio

Everlast, Nick Diamond, Solo @ Soul Assassins Store opening, Pasadena, CA

Your one stop shop for deportes!

DJ Jayvon, mixtape collaborator Roger Jao, and Solo @ Roger’s House Party

Denkym and DJ SOLO 2×4 Set @ Footwork, LA

The drink of choice in Australia!

SOLO @ Cypress Hill’s Smoke Out 2009 (FREE Hair Metal Hero Mixtape!!)

DJ Solo, DJ Step1, & DJ Mixtine

Solo, Eric Stricker (R.I.P.), and Willy Santos

SOLO vs SOLO! (tell those fools to send me a shirt, already!!)

This lady tried to pick me up in Vegas. I was clownin!

Grandmasters Tour, Russia – Muggs, Gza, Solo, and hookah!

Solo, Gator, & Muggs on the plane to NY with Everlast & Keifus Greene for Jam Master Jay Awards.

DJ Khalil, Killah Priest, DJ SOLO, Chace Infinite, Tone Lopez, DJ Muggs, & GZA – Australia

Killah Priest & GZA with a bunch of school girls in Russia. LOL!!

Miss Amelie.