[My First time Sungazing @ Summer Camp Festival 2012]

Ever notice how a lack of Sunlight can make people depressed and unhealthy? Recently I was turned on to the ancient art of Sungazing. It’s a lost technique where we are energizing, nourishing, and healing our bodies both physically and spiritually by staring directly into the Sun. Right now you’re probably saying “Won’t this burn out your eyes??” Nope! Along with all the other false information you’ve been told your whole life about how the Universe really works, the Sun produces NO UV rays during the first 45 min of Sunrise and the last 45 min of Sunset. So it’s not only 100% safe and healthy, but a necessary part of human life, just like the plants, that’s been lost over time. Don’t take my word for it, check out the Sungazing documentary (below) and the book “Living On Sunlight” by Hira Ratan Manek, HRM. Even if you’re a skeptic as to the Sun’s healing benefits, getting a direct look at the Sun is an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone. It’s like seeing a giant full moon for the first time!

The Art and Science of Sun Gazing – Living on Sunlight as Taught By Hira Ratan Manek, HRM

A Brief Description of How To Sungaze Properly: CLICK HERE –>

1) Only do this during Sunrise and Sunset because that is the only time with NO UVs (Sunrise is said to be the best time)

2) Always check your local weather’s UV Index before starting. It will most likely be at “0″ during Sunrise/Sunset, but always double check to be safe!

3) Stand barefoot on the bare Earth. Dirt, sand, gravel or any bare Earth will work, but not grass since it absorbs Sunlight as well, or artificial asphalt/cement. Think of your body like a rechargeable battery. The Earth is the charging dock, and the Sun is the energy source. Dock yourself properly before charging. :)

4) VERY IMPORTANT: Start by looking directly at the Sun for 10 SECONDS ONLY the first time. Then each time add 10 SECONDS, until eventually you build your way up to the full 45 min. DO NOT attempt to speed up this process, only do it once per day, adding 10 seconds to your time each day. There are various levels that you will reach that will have different healing benefits.

For more detailed information, please read the book and watch the documentary (above).

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