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My official Midwest Tour kicks off Monday and I’ll be reporting from the road with iPhone videos on my FACEBOOK PAGE. This tour is in support of Boombox, as well as a stop to play Chicago’s North Coast Festival. To see the dates for this tour as well as all my upcoming shows, check my DATES PAGE!!

Posted 4 years ago.

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“Can I get some more smoke fx for my drop in?”
Wilson Skatepark, Chicago

Rock N Roll Fakie in the shallow end.

My homie Jim and his Harry Potter hero, Jason Isaacs.

Jim says “Don’t eat the catering!”

I think I was talking to my imaginary friend Herman in this one.

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This morning a bunch of us got up at 4am to skate outdoors in 30 degree weather for 6 hours on the set of FOX’s new Chicago cop drama “Pleading Guilty” starring Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame, and he killed it as the Bearded Man in Grindhouse too! Despite the fact that it was mad cold, hella early, and most of us were on and hour or less sleep, …and it was a FOX show, we had an awesome time!! If this pilot makes it, look for us…we’ll be the out-of-focus blobs goin back and forth in the background behind Jason Isaacs and a burnt kid in a wheel chair.

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago.

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