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[My First time Sungazing @ Summer Camp Festival 2012]

Ever notice how a lack of Sunlight can make people depressed and unhealthy? Recently I was turned on to the ancient art of Sungazing. It’s a lost technique where we are energizing, nourishing, and healing our bodies both physically and spiritually by staring directly into the Sun. Right now you’re probably saying “Won’t this burn out your eyes??” Nope! Along with all the other false information you’ve been told your whole life about how the Universe really works, the Sun produces NO UV rays during the first 45 min of Sunrise and the last 45 min of Sunset. So it’s not only 100% safe and healthy, but a necessary part of human life, just like the plants, that’s been lost over time. Don’t take my word for it, check out the Sungazing documentary (below) and the book “Living On Sunlight” by Hira Ratan Manek, HRM. Even if you’re a skeptic as to the Sun’s healing benefits, getting a direct look at the Sun is an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone. It’s like seeing a giant full moon for the first time!

The Art and Science of Sun Gazing – Living on Sunlight as Taught By Hira Ratan Manek, HRM

A Brief Description of How To Sungaze Properly: CLICK HERE –> Continue Reading…

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THE MOON (A Secret History!)

…Where DID The Moon come from?? Enjoy, play it loud, and dance like you mean it or the Reptilians win!

For More On The Secret History of The Moon:

History Channel – Who Built The Moon?

David Icke Who Built The Moon Interview

Moon Rising (Documentary)

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DJ SOLO x NS6 Mini-Mega-Mix! from DJ SOLO on Vimeo.

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Recently the USB port on my Serato box broke and I needed to fix it before a gig that weekend. Instead of going to Guitar Center and having them send it back to Rane and taking 3 months for delivery or some crazy thing, I put an ad on craigslist for a chip board master who is willing to take on a special project! My idea (that I got from DJ Kool Akiem before the TTM57 came out) was to take apart the Serato Box and build it into the TTM-56. Inside the 56 is all chip boards too, so I figured, a true PC board dude could hardwire all the connections and put my new USB port on the back. Less than 12 hours later I got a reply, met with the guy, who worked for Motorola for 10 years working on their phone technology, gave him my idea and he said no problem and that he’d call when he was done. I used DJ Kool Akiem’s as a template (which had a bunch of extra stuff added for some reason) but made some specifications of my own. I only wanted the LINE INPUTS of Serato hardwired into my mixer, so I could plug my Turntables straight into my LINE input on the back. The PHONO inputs would be left alone so vinyl could still be used normally with the mixer when you flip the PHONE switch and plug the tables into the PHONO inputs (also used when switching DJs and unplugging the Serato, which works great!). So basically it’s a normal TTM-56 mixer, but the LINE inputs are direct Serato now, and they still work with CDJ too. I took out the MIC and the FX send under it to make room for the USB plug and the Serato Power Light, and the actual Serato board itself fits directly underneath the crossfader with a couple adjustments (inside). He called me the following day and said “Come pick it up”.

So even though I still can’t afford a TTM-57 (which I really want because I would kill that video Serato harder than anyone has ever killed it *DJ SOLO Guarantee*) I now have one of the only 2 TTM-56 Hybrid Mod mixers on the planet (which will do for now). But seriously BIGUPS to the dude who made this happen, who’s name will be kept secret for now because he’s currently building me a giant robot so I can take over the world!!!

P.S. My guy told me he hopes whoever designed the inside of the TTM-56 got fired the next day! Hahahaha.
(Oh, and in case you’re wondering what those brown colored strips under the mixer power switch on the left are, it’s masking tape holding in that janky-ass Rane telephone plug which is my 3rd that has broken.)

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